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Beyond To Live or To Die: Hamlet in Korean Translation, Part 1

Translation is interpretation. It is creation as well as dismissal. It is a series of choices that are hard to count, even harder to overestimate. I once again was reminded of this practical fact while browsing through a number of … Continue reading

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Struggling with the Korean Past: Book Review of Plays by Oh Tae-Suk in German Translation

Last summer in Berlin, I received a book for review, a collection of plays by Korean dramatist Oh Tae-Suk (오태석) in German translation: Mumiengrab und andere Theaterstücke (The Grass Tomb and other Plays, Edition Peperkorn, 2013). I knew one of … Continue reading

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Korean Drama in Translation

No, this is not about that kind of drama. The anthology Modern Korean Drama, edited by Richard Nichols (Columbia UP, 2009), is all about original stage plays by Korean authors (창작극). As such, it is the most recent and up-to-date collection of … Continue reading

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On Pansori in Translation

Last summer the Korea Literature Translation Institute (KLTI, 한국문학번역원) held its 9th annual Workshop for the Translation & Publication of Korean Literature, that time on a really intriguing theme: Introducing Korean Theatre and Plays Overseas through Translation and Publishing (한국 희곡과 … Continue reading

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Translated Theatre

The history of Korean theatre is also the history of the importation, translation, and adaptation of Western theatre. In fact, the twists and turns in the process of reception that set in roughly a hundred years ago illuminate not only … Continue reading

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Three Colors Across (part 2/3)

After the “unconventionally grotesque” French Giselle now the second edition of this three-part series, an ad-hoc translation of the preview 지젤 三國志 (서울 신문, 2010년 10월 22일). This time it is all about the “spirit of orthodoxy” [정통의 진수] that, according … Continue reading

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Three Colors Down

When browsing my daily copy of the Seoul Sinmun, I came across an interesting article: 지젤 三國志 (loosely translated “The Three Kingdoms of Giselle”), a tryptich review of three dance productions on show in and around Seoul. Giselle, of course, … Continue reading

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