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Pansori Live from Record: Chae Su-jeong’s Dongpyeonje Heungbo-ga Double Album

I just sent off my first album review! I’m not the biggest fan of pansori records, as the spontaneous and interactive atmosphere of a live performance cannot be fixed on tape. But the live double album by Chae Su-jeong (채수정, … Continue reading

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My Pansori Teacher’s Full-Length Premiere

I took this picture after Gang Seung-ui’s (강승의) first full-length presentation. It shows her with her teacher Song Sun-seop (송순섭) and the drummer of the second half, Bak Geun-yeong (박근영, the first drummer was Gang Ye-jin 강예진). The concert was … Continue reading

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Wagner and Korea (part2)

In the first part of my blogpost on the German composer who would have turned 200 years in 2013, I wrote about Wagner in Korea. Now, it’s time to turn to the relation of Wagner and Korea, that is how … Continue reading

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Interviews on Pansori

I met Ryan J. Cassidy last month in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do. Over lunch with his wife and their two kids, we talked about all things pansori. Ryan is one of the few non-Koreans I know of that perform pansori and I met him a while … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace, William Cleary

A college musical version of Chunhyang-jeon (춘향전, “The Story of Chunhyang”), from the 60s, in English? Quite a while ago, I had read somewhere about Chun Hyang Song—the title is a tricky word-play with the heroines family name—and stumbled upon … Continue reading

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Blogging for the Jeonju Int’l Sori Festival

It’s official now: During the following year I will blog for the Jeonju International Sori Festival (전주세계소리축제). Their blog is called “소리타래” (soritarae), which literally means “a bunch of sound”—bunch as in “bunch of garlic” and sound as in pansori. The … Continue reading

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Tiger and more by Taroo

I just returned from a wonderful afternoon in Bukchon: The ensemble Taroo, a gugak musical collective (국악뮤지컬집단 타루), had invited everyone to a open-air performance of pansori, right in the yard of a renovated hanok (한옥, “[traditional] Korean house”). The … Continue reading

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