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Korean Drama in Translation

No, this is not about that kind of drama. The anthology Modern Korean Drama, edited by Richard Nichols (Columbia UP, 2009), is all about original stage plays by Korean authors (창작극). As such, it is the most recent and up-to-date collection of … Continue reading

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Two-Man Operetta

Pansori is partly pathos, partly fun: Amidst the pain, lament, and sacrific endured throughout the stories, there is also a lot of joking going on. Not only characters like a cheeky servant, a foxy monk, and a tricky rabbit that … Continue reading

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Seopyeonje Musical

After its premiere in 2010, the musical version of the famous movie Seopyeonje (서편제, directed by Im Kwon-taek, 1993) is now back on stage. I couldn’t see it back then, so I was happy to take a look this time. … Continue reading

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Pansori Lyrics in English for Free!

Good news for all friends of pansori ! After five years of intensive work, an ambitious publication has been completed: a collection of the lyrics (saseol, 사설) of all five pansori pieces (batang, 바탕), each one differentiated into various versions, as … Continue reading

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Legends of Chunhyang

When I took the bus to Insa-dong today, an interesting poster caught my eye: “Kiss the 춘향” !?! “Time to fall in love, time to dwell in dance”, well that makes sense, given the little ballerina. As I found out … Continue reading

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