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Blind Spots of Urban Landscapes: Photographies by Hong Cheolki at Hapjung Jigu

The next opening at Hapjung Jigu is coming up already tomorrow (paintings by 이해민선, July 17 through August 9, see Facebook), still I wanted to note some of impressions of the last exhibition which I liked a lot and revisited … Continue reading

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Daehangno Poster Session 3

I went to Daehangno in a long while. Rushing out of the subway, I took the occasion to make some pictures of current theatre posters that caught my eye. Here is my top-5, with official English titles in italics and, … Continue reading

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German Intangible Cultural Heritage in Germany: The Best and the Rest

So Germany now has its list of “Intangible Cultural Heritage”. Officially known as the “German Nationwide Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage” (or, as Prof. Wulf, head of the selection committee, insists: “Cultural Heritage in Germany”, it contains twenty-seven arts, crafts, cultural concepts … Continue reading

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