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Eurasia, Steppe, Shamanism: Kim Sangdon in Sculptor Kwon Jinkyu’s Atelier

On my way home after work, I dropped off the bus at Sungshin Women’s University. After some up and down some stairs, we finally found “Kwon Jinkyu’s Atelier” (권진규 아틀리에, site no. 5 on the English homepage), a small workshop … Continue reading

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Discussing New Pansori, Theatre, and Tradition in Berlin (Korea-Madang)

There was no empty chair at PGBerlin. I hadn’t expected that so many people – more than twenty – were interested in talking about “New Pansori Works from Korea”. Korea Verband (한독협회) had done great promotion and I got more … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Hamlets: Taroo’s “Pansori Hamlet Project” and Tuida’s “Hamlet Cantabile”

Hamlet, once again! My double review of two Korean productions has just been published in the online journal Borrowers and Lenders. I have been intrigued by Taroo’s ongoing “Pansori Hamlet Project” (국악뮤지컬집단 타루, 판소리 햄릿 프로젝트) for quite a while, … Continue reading

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