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Rather a Fistful of FROGS than some BIRDS in the CLOUDS

On my way to the movies, I dropped by at Bandis & Lunis in Jongno to finally get the August-issue of the Korean Theatre Review (한국연극, see the journal’s Facebook page). Besides some nice reviews, the journal features also an … Continue reading

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Setting the Stage

I changed jobs. Almost two years after starting at Goethe-Institut Seoul in late 2011, I got an offer to teach German at a high school. More concretely: give conversation classes. Two weeks before the first day after summer break, I … Continue reading

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Double Django

Mud, blood, and not a single tear. That’s the formula of a good spaghetti western. On this rainy Sunday afternoon, we went to see a Django-double feature at the Cinematheque, the great free-for-all movie theatre run by the Korean Film … Continue reading

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The Golden Dragon

Five actors dressed in white, stirring their spoons in bowls made of stainless steel—from time to time this piece reminded me of the crazy cooks of Nanta, the notorious “non-verbal” performance I saw when I first visited Korea back in 2006. … Continue reading

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