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Three Colors Across (part 2/3)

After the “unconventionally grotesque” French Giselle now the second edition of this three-part series, an ad-hoc translation of the preview 지젤 三國志 (서울 신문, 2010년 10월 22일). This time it is all about the “spirit of orthodoxy” [정통의 진수] that, according … Continue reading

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Mother Courage and Her Scholars, part2

I had bought two second hand books on Brecht a while ago. Rhie Won-Yang’s Studies on Brecht (1984), discussed last time, is a mass-produced paperback (as far as academic literature is mass-produced), designed for students all around the country, and … Continue reading

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Three Colors Down

When browsing my daily copy of the Seoul Sinmun, I came across an interesting article: 지젤 三國志 (loosely translated “The Three Kingdoms of Giselle”), a tryptich review of three dance productions on show in and around Seoul. Giselle, of course, … Continue reading

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Crime and Punishment

Deep in the jungle of Thailand: the “railroad tracks of death”. They lead to a Japanese prisoner camp dating back to World War II. This is the backdrop for a TV documentary about to be shot. First come the cameraman … Continue reading

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Mother Courage and Her Scholars: A Chronicle from the Cold War

When passing a second hand bookshop in Hongdae, I could not resist. The owner told me that books on theatre were scarce, still I made a bargain: For the price of a large blueberry yoghurt flatccino I got two volumes … Continue reading

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A Hundred Days of Solitude

It was at night time in the courtyard of my home, when I noticed it. The blissful crying of the maemi (매미) had been replaced by the more snarly cirping of their grasshopper cousins. Sunny days and sultry nights are … Continue reading

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