Papers & Presentations

This is a list of my published academic writing, as well as conference talks, paper presentations, interviews etc. I tried to gather some related links, both within this blog and beyond.

Conference Presentations

  • Jan Creutzenberg, “From Invitation and Promotion to Collaboration and Commission: Korean-German P’ansori Exchanges”, The 6th Symposium of the Study Group on Musics of East Asia (International Council for Traditional Music), National Gugak Center, Seoul, Aug. 2018. conferenceblog
  • —, “Contemporary Theatre, Courtesy of Uncle Sam? Yu Chi-jin, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Seoul Drama Center”, International Conference “Philanthropy, Development, and the Arts“, LMU München, Carl Friedrich von Siemens Stiftung, July 2018. conference, blog
  • —, “Making Difference Productive: Participant Observations in Pansori Performance”, Global Korean Studies: Writing Korean Culture (글로벌 한국학과 한국문화 쓰기), Seoul National University, Sept. 2017. conference
  • —, “Pansori in Europa: Voraussetzungen, Geschichte, Praktiken” (Pansori in Europe: Pre-Conditions, History, Practices), symposium introductory remarks, Pansori in Europa: Zwischen Vermittlung und Aneignung (Pansori in Europe: Between Mediation and Appropriation”, Koreanisches Kulturzentrum Berlin, July 2017. blog
  • —, “Towards a More International ‘Koreanness’? The Influence of Brecht on Pansori-Theatre”, Association of Asian Studies Annual Conference, Sheraton Centre Toronto, March 2017. blog
  • —, “Traditional Performance for Today’s Audiences: Korean Singing-Storytelling Pansori”, IFTR World Congress, Univ. of Warwick, July 2014. abstract
  • —, “Recent Experiments in Ch’anggŭk: The National Repertory Season 2012–13”, Colloquium of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch, Seoul, Mar. 2014. blog
  • —, “창작판소리와 서사극 사이에: 이자람의 <사천가>에 대한 연구” (Between New Pansori and Epic Theatre: Lee Jaram’s Sacheon-ga), Joined Conference of Korean Associations for German Language and Literature, Korea National University of Education, Cheongwon, Apr. 2013. blog
  • —, “Creating Communities: Preservation, Promotion and Revival of Tradition in Pansori Performance”, 6th World Congress of Korean Studies, Academy of Korean Studies, Sept. 2012. conference, blog
  • —, “Creating Communities: Korean Music Theatre P’ansori Between Preservation, Commemoration and Revival of Tradition”, poster presentation, CHIME-APAF Conference (European Foundation for Chinese Music Research, Asian Performing Arts Forum), Royal Holloway University of London, July 2011. conference, blog
  • —, “The Good Person of Korea: Crosscultural Synergies and Challenges in Lee Jaram’s Sacheon- ga”, 13th Symposium of the International Brecht Society, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, May 2010. conference, blog
  • —, “From Korea to the World: Lee Youn-taek’s Intercultural Hamlet”, Spring Conference of the German Shakespeare Society, Weimar, Apr. 2009. conference
  • —, “Paris – Paradies? Frankreich als Fluchtpunkt im koreanischen Arthouse-Kino”, Margins Out/ Incorporated: Paradiesische Zustände, Free University Berlin, Jan. 2009. conference
  • —, “Artist in Residences: The Intercultural Art of Haegue Yang”, 5th Korean Studies Graduate Students Convention, Leiden, Aug. 2008. report

Invited Talks

  • Jan Creutzenberg, “Zwischen Tradition und Theater: Neue Pansori-Stücke aus Korea” (Between Tradition and Theatre: New Pansori Pieces From Korea), hosted by Kai Köhler, Korea Madang, Korea-Verband e.V., Berlin, 27 July 2016. abstract
  • —, “Tradition of the Backyard, Tradition of the Street: The Location of Rewriting” (마당의 전통, 길거리의 전통: 다시쓰기의 현장), part of Pink Factory’s 2016 bi-lingual international workshop series “Tradition in Motion” (움직이는 전통), Gangwondo Hongcheon Regional Culture Space “Pink Factory”, 11 June 2016. blog
  • —, “Zwischen Eigenem und Fremdem: Traditionelle Elemente im modernen koreanischen Theater” (Between the Own and the Foreign: Traditional Elements in Modern Korean Theatre), hosted by Kai Köhler, 38. Korea Madang, Korea-Verband e.V., Berlin, 6 Aug. 2014. abstract
  • —, “독일과 한국사이에 보는 판소리” (Pansori, between Korea and Germany), joined talk with Yong Hae Sook about intercultural research and art practice, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, Nov. 2013.
  • —, “판소리와 서사극 사이에: 연극적인 대화로서의 이자람의 <사천가>” (Between Pansori and Epic Theatre: Lee Jaram’s Sacheon-ga as a Theatrical Dialogue”), invited talk, Seoul Women’s University, Seoul, Oct. 2013. blog
  • —, “Gemeinschaftserfahrungen in Pansori-Aufführungen” (Communal Experiences in Pansori Performances), together with Matthias R. Entreß, 29. Korea Madang, Korea-Verband e.V., Berlin, 19 Nov. 2011. abstract, blog


  • Jan Creutzenberg, Chapters on Korea about “Gender Performance and the Rise of Actresses in Modern Asian Theatre” and “Modern Asian Theatre and Indigenous Performance”, in The Routledge Handbook of Asian Theatre, ed. Siyuan Liu, London: Routledge, 2016. publisher, google books, blog
  • —, “From Traditional Opera to Modern Music Theatre? Recent Experiments in Ch’anggŭk”, Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch 88 (2013), pp. 87–102. publisher
  • —, “The Good Person of Korea: Lee Jaram’s Sacheon-ga as a Dialogue between Brecht and Pansori”, Brecht Yearbook 36 (2011), Storrs, CT: International Brecht Society, pp. 225–238. publisher
  • —, “To Be or Not to Be (Korean): Lee Youn-taek’s Hamlet and the Reception of Shakespeare in Korea”, Shakespeare Seminar 7 (2009), Weimar: Deutsche Shakespeare Gesellschaft, pp. 21– 38. download (pdf), blog1, blog2


  • Jan Creutzenberg, album review of  채수정 판소리 동편제 흥보가 (악당이반 2015) [Chae SooJung, Dongpyeonje Heungboga Pansori live, 2 CDs, AkdangEban 2015), Asian Musicology (in print). blog, label
  • —, Review of Hyunjung Lee, Performing the Nation in Global Korea: Transnational Theatre (Palgrave Macmillan 2015), Theatre Research International 42.2 (July 2017): 198–99. onlinepublisher
  • —, “Hamlet Redux: Two Korean Productions that Re-stage Shakespeare’s Play between Tradition and Today”, double-review of Taroo’s Pansori Hamlet Project and Tuida’s Hamlet Cantabile, Borrowers and Lenders: The Journal of Shakespeare and Appropriation X.1 (spring/summer 2016), eds. Maurizio Calbi and Stephen O’Neill. online, download (pdf)
  • —, “Mitbringsel aus einer verblassenden Welt” (Souvenirs of a Fading World), review of Florian Bong-Kil Grosse, Hanguk, photo book, Korea Forum 2015, pp. 72–73. homepage, impressions1, impressions2
  • —, Double-review of Yeonok Jang, Korean P’ansori Singing Tradition: Development, Authenticity, and Performance History (Scarecrow Press 2014) and Haekyung Um, Korean Musical Drama: P’ansori and the Making of Tradition in Modernity (Ashgate 2013), Asian Theatre Journal 32.1 (2015) publisher, book1 (Jang), book2 (Um)
  • —, “Vergangenheitsbewältigung mit Leerstellen” (Coming to Terms with the Past with Blanks), review of Oh Tae-Suk, Mumiengrab und andere Theaterstücke, German translation by Lee Kyungboon and Kai Köhler (Peperkorn 2013), Korea Forum 2014, pp. 98–100. publisher
  • —, “Lee Jarams Erzählung von der Mutter Courage: Pansori zwischen Tradition und Moderne”, performance review of Lee Jaram’s “Brecht-Pansori” Ukchuk-ga (이자람, 판소리 프레히트 억척가), Korea Forum 2012, pp. 87–89.
  • —, Review of Richard Nichols (ed.), Modern Korean Drama: An Anthology (Columbia UP 2009), Acta Koreana 14.2 (Dec. 2011), pp. 260–266. download (pdf), bookblog
  • —, “Painters of Juche Life?”, exhibition review of “Art from Pyongyang” (Gallery Pyongyang, Berlin, Sept. 1–30, 2008), Asia-Pacific Journal 6.9 (Sept. 2008). Originally published on OhmyNews. onlinedownload (pdf)

Interviews (mostly on pansori)

  • with Katrin Krämer of Nordwest Radio (Radio Bremen) on Shakespeare in Korea, on the occasion of  his 400th day of death (“Ein Tag für William Shakespeare” [A Day for William Shakespeare], in German), 2016. audio on demand, blog
  • brief appearance in “4Angles” (on the German “Meister”-system), Arirang TV, 2016 (in English). infovideo on demand (2016-03-25)
  • with Kurt Achin of “Koreascape”, TBS eFM, 2015 (in English). on demand (episode 25, Sept. 12, 2015, entry no. 115)
  • with Gesine Stoyke in Kultur Korea 2015/2, the magazine of the Korean Cultural Center in Berlin, 2015 (in German). online
  • with Walter A. Foreman of “Inside Out”, TBS eFM, Thanksgiving-special, 2014 (in English). iTunes (episode 103), infoblog
  • for Gugak FM, 2014 (in Korean). Parts of the interview were used in a feature on the 10th anniversary of the designation of pansori as Intangible World Heritage by UNESCO. The title of the feature is “유네스코 등재10주년‘판소리, 시대와 놀다’” (10th Anniversary of the UNESCO Registration – Pansori, Playing with Time) and it was broadcast on the lunar New Year 2014 (more exactly: Feb. 1st, 8-9 pm). audio on demand.
  • with Dorothea Suh, blog of, 2014 (in English). link (seems to be down…)
  • for the customer magazine of KIA Motors (기아 자동차 고객잡지), 2013/12 (in Korean).
  • four-part radio column about how I came to live in Korea, “Primetime”, TBS eFM, 2013 (in English). (unfortunately, no audio on demand available).
  • in the newsletter of Jeonju Int’ Sori Festival (in Korean), 2012. onlineblog
  • with Adrien Lee of “Catch the Wave”, Arirang Radio, 2012 (in English). blog, on demand (look for “I Heart Korea” on 16 Nov. 2012, which should be item no. 7)
  • with Jan Janowski of “Treffen zweier Welten”, KBS World, 2012 (in German). info, blog

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