I took classes in translation (Korean to German) at the Institute of Korean Studies at Free University and at the Literature Translation Institute of Korea (한국문학번역원). Subsequently, I translated numerous Korean texts on theatre, art, and music into German and English, including:

  • the catalogue of the Transfer NRW-Korea 2011–13 (Korean to German)
  • the catalogue of pink factory’s 2015 residency program “Culture of Boundaries, in Search of Regional Pathways” (Korean to English, and occasionally vice versa, see sample on this blog, English and Korean) [publisher]
  • parts of the catalogue for the exhibition “Discordant Harmony” by Goethe-Institut
  • most catalogue texts and interviews for the exhibition series “Trough Project” of Goethe-Institut Seoul [sample on the pamphlet designer’s homepage]
  • various articles for the homepage of Goethe-Institut Korea (Korean to German)
    •  Interview mit der Choreografin Ahn Aesoon (2012) [link]
    • Hyoung-Jin Im, “Theater in Seoul: Zusammentreffen freigewordener Energie” (2013) [link]
    • Interviews zu dem Theaterstück “Der Goldene Drache” (2013) [link]
    • Jung Eun Sook, “Wagners Premiere in Korea” (2013) [link]
    • Hyo-Jin Kim, “Social Media: Revolution der Kommunikation” (2013) [link]
    • Interview mit dem Daegeum-Spieler Hong Yoo (2015) [link]

Posts on this blog that include my “Exercises in Translation” can be found under this category. I also wrote a post on “Pansori in Translation” and a compiled a list of “Korean Drama in Translation”.