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Sängerkrieg in Seoul

When I grabbed the free paper “City” on my way down to the subway, I did not expect more than a bit of distraction. Instead I ran across two pieces on upcoming musicals that seem to be worth a watch: … Continue reading

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Invasion of the White Shirts (or: Stompin’ at the Savoy)

It began in the late afternoon. I was doing some homework (as I seem to be doing all the time, lately), but something was different at the “Coffee Break” (커피 브레이크). Instead of the regular student clientel—this place is right … Continue reading

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Voices from the Jazz Stage

When I arrived at Sangsangmadang (상상마당) in Hongdae, supposedly to see a jazz concert—way late, I have to admit—, I was struck by a voice that I had not heard in its power and touching vulnerability for a while. It was … Continue reading

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