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Drama, Theatre, and the Korean Shakespeare

Last Christmas, Charles Montgomery of the blog “Korean Literature in Translation” wrote a short but thought-provoking post on the role of drama (i.e. dramatic literature) in Korea. Referencing a paper by Chan E. Park and the Wikipedia-entry on “Korean Theatre”, … Continue reading

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Korean Drama in Translation

No, this is not about that kind of drama. The anthology Modern Korean Drama, edited by Richard Nichols (Columbia UP, 2009), is all about original stage plays by Korean authors (창작극). As such, it is the most recent and up-to-date collection of … Continue reading

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The Novelisation of Theatre

This morning I had the pleasure to participate in a theatre class at Dongguk University (동국대학교), a good place to study theatre in Korea. Today’s topic was “From Literature to Theatre” (소설의 연극화). After some theoretical discussions, we watched scenes from … Continue reading

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Mother Courage and Her Scholars, part2

I had bought two second hand books on Brecht a while ago. Rhie Won-Yang’s Studies on Brecht (1984), discussed last time, is a mass-produced paperback (as far as academic literature is mass-produced), designed for students all around the country, and … Continue reading

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Mother Courage and Her Scholars: A Chronicle from the Cold War

When passing a second hand bookshop in Hongdae, I could not resist. The owner told me that books on theatre were scarce, still I made a bargain: For the price of a large blueberry yoghurt flatccino I got two volumes … Continue reading

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Two Ways of Sitting Through a Performance, Part 2 (of 2)

Two days later. Sitting in the dark. I am in the Arko Arts Theater, whose Main Hall (대극장, lit. “big stage”) is a typical proscenium stage. Today’s show is “Simpan” (심판/審判) a production of Kafka’s “Trial” by the Experimental Theatre … Continue reading

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Two Ways of Sitting Through a Performance

One week in Seoul—and two performances that could not have been more different. On the one hand sipping a Coke in a wine restaurant where just two meters in front of me “a sad, hilarious and irresistible two man show … Continue reading

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