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Jan Creutzenberg, friend of theatre, music, and cinema, comments on his performative experiences in Seoul and elsewhere.

Still Moving: Impressions from the Pink Factory Exhibition Opening 2017

This memory protocol (also available in Korean) is a preview from the 2017 catalogue of Pink Factory (분홍공장), which is currently in print and will be available in January 2018. Once again, resident artists from Korea and abroad created wonderful works of art in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do. … Continue reading

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[Still Moving: Impressions from the Pink Factory Exhibition Opening 2017] 여전한 이동: 분홍공장 2017 국제전에 대한 몇 가지의 인상들

This is the Korean version of my impressions from the 2017 Pink Factory (분홍공장) exhibition opening on Sept. 9. This text, as well as many others in Korean and English can be found in the 2017 Catalogue of Pink Factory. See also my impressions from … Continue reading

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Daehangno Poster Session 7

Once again, my top five of theatre posters I saw in Daehangno. This time I happened to be in the theatre district on the occasion of meeting members of Theater Heidelberg. They were on a scouting mission to find interesting … Continue reading

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Three Times Acting Different

This was an extended weekend of theatre: Watching others play different roles. On Thursday, our yearly “German Night” (독문인의 밤) at Sungshin University, where first-year students of German Language and Literature sing, dance, and perform – in German, of course. … Continue reading

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Playing German in Korea: Students of Sungshin University Premiere “Thieves” by Dea Loher

Like in other countries, theatre plays an important part in Korean college life. Student productions of original language plays (Korean: woneo-[yeon]geuk 원어[연]극 原語[演]劇) in particular have fulfilled a major role in the transmission of foreign drama to Korea. For example, … Continue reading

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Toilet People: Representing Struggles of North Korean Refugees on Stage

I found the flyer by chance (after a meeting for our then upcoming symposium “Pansori in Europe”) at the Korean Culture Center in Berlin. Playwright Lee Yeo-Jin (이여진) would present and talk about her recent work Toilet People (토일릿 피플, … Continue reading

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Upcoming Pansori and Changgeuk at the National Theater: The National Repertory Season 2017–18

The National Theater of Korea just presented its upcoming “National Repertory Season 2017–18” (국립극장 레퍼토리시즌). Every year, during the summer break, fans of gugak, pansori, and changgeuk are looking forward which new pieces will be shown, which earlier productions will … Continue reading

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