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Routledge Handbook of Asian Theatre

It took quite a while, but finally the Routledge Handbook of Asian Theatre arrived in its full splendor: a 500-page tome covering the last hundred years (and more) of theatre in Asia, from India to Indonesia, from North to South … Continue reading

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Speaking in Tongues

Playing theatre is a great way to practice a foreign language. Of course, speaking in a language that is not one’s own (whatever that might mean) always involves making-believe to a certain degree. Everybody knows the strange feeling of being someone … Continue reading

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Branding the Filial Daughter

It seems quite fitting to watch Cheong (청 / 淸) on parents day (어버이날, 8th of May). After all, Sim Cheong (심청), the heroine of this piece of musical theatre, is the personification of filial piety (효 / 孝)—a girl … Continue reading

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Limits of Control

Thanks to a friend who provided free tickets, I spontaneously attended an interesting concert, just around the corner, at the Mapo Art Center (마포아트센터). Only when arriving, I found out that this was the 20th anniversary of 다스름, a chamber ensemble of twelve … Continue reading

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Sängerkrieg in Seoul

When I grabbed the free paper “City” on my way down to the subway, I did not expect more than a bit of distraction. Instead I ran across two pieces on upcoming musicals that seem to be worth a watch: … Continue reading

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Voices from the Jazz Stage

When I arrived at Sangsangmadang (상상마당) in Hongdae, supposedly to see a jazz concert—way late, I have to admit—, I was struck by a voice that I had not heard in its power and touching vulnerability for a while. It was … Continue reading

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I got my lei today! At the registration desk in front of the J. F. Kennedy Theatre, where the conference on “Brecht in/and Asia” is about to begin. In contrast, I am still preparing my presentation—due on Saturday at 9 … Continue reading

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