On Pansori in Translation

Last summer the Korea Literature Translation Institute (KLTI, 한국문학번역원) held its 9th annual Workshop for the Translation & Publication of Korean Literature, that time on a really intriguing theme: Introducing Korean Theatre and Plays Overseas through Translation and Publishing (한국 희곡과 연극의 해외 소개를 위한 번역과 출판)

The 9th International Workshop for the Translation & Publication of Korean Literature: Introducing Korean Theatre and Plays Overseas through Translation and Publishing (via KLTI)

Unfortunately I missed the event and read only weeks later that some of the most active promoters of pansori abroad had come to Seoul, among them Chan E. Park from Ohio State Univ. (singer-scholar), Matthias R. Entreß from Berlin (co-translator of various pansori pieces into German), as well as Han Yumi and Hervé Péjaudier from Paris (translators of various traditional pieces and, recently, Lee Jaram’s Sacheon-ga). They discussed how pansori can and should be presented to non-Korean audiences—a topic that is of eminent interest for me, as my own research focuses on methods of staging pansori, including oversea and translingual performances.

Chan E. Park's "solo singer/storyteller/drummer act", performing her Song of Everyday Ch'unhyang (via KLTI)

Fortunately, all speeches have been video-taped (nothing unusual) and put in their entirety on youtube (thanks!). According to the statistics, I seem to have been one of the first to discover these gems. Especially Park’s bilingual presentation is great (though must have driven the real-time translators crazy) and contains a special bonus, as does Péjaudier’s part: live-pansori of a kind rarely to be heard inside of Korea… have fun!

Hervé Péjaudier's French rendering of Heungbo-ga, accompanied by Chan E. Park, at the far right a translator (via KLTI))

I put up the links for easy access, together with the titles of the six speeches that also indicate the respective language. The follow-up parts—each speech is divided in several 15-minute sections—can be easily found via youtube.

Opening Remarks by KIM Joo Youn / 김주연, president of the KLTI

Keynote Speech: Lee Youn-taek / 이윤택,「한국희곡과 해외연극」(“Korean Plays and Theatre Abroad”)

Han Yumi / 한유미,「프랑스에서 한국 희곡을 번역하고 공연 자막을 만드는 것: 번역이론과 실제에 대한 소고」(“Traduire et surtitrer le théâtre coréen en France : quelques réflexions théoriques et pratiques”)

최석규,「신체연극에서 희곡자막의 효과적인 소통 찾기」

Matthias R. Entreß / 마티아스 R. 엔트레스, “Performing and translating Pansori for European audiences” (「유럽관객을 위한 판소리의 번역과 공연」)

Chan E. Park / 박찬응, “The Politics and Poetics of Creating Transnational P’ansori: An Autoethnography” /「다국적 판소리 창작과 공연의 체험적 논고」

Hervé Péjaudier / 에르베 페조디에, “Éditer le théâtre coréen en France : petite histoire de la collection « Scènes Coréennes »” (「프랑스에서 한국 희곡을 출판한다는 것: 센느 코레안느(Scènes Coréennes)콜렉션을 중심으로 한 평가와 전망」)

Final Discussion, Q&A / 종합토론

— 25 June 2010 (金)


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Jan Creutzenberg, friend of theatre, music, and cinema, comments on his performative experiences in Seoul and elsewhere.
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