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Backyard or Street? From Pansori to Contemporary Art in Hongcheon

For the second pink factory-workshop on “tradition in motion”, I had prepared a presentation on contemporary pansori performances. As the title “Tradition of the Backyard, Tradition of the Street” indicates, I attempted to conceptualize two ways of reviving tradition for … Continue reading

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The Conversations are (Not) Over

The Conversations are over, at least in Braunschweig, where Creative VaQi’s play The Conversations (크리에이티브 바키, 몇 가지 방식의 대화들), directed by Kyung Sung Lee (이경성) was shown last weekend at the Theaterformen-festival. And The Conversations just begun – in the … Continue reading

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Pansori Live from Record: Chae Su-jeong’s Dongpyeonje Heungbo-ga Double Album

I just sent off my first album review! I’m not the biggest fan of pansori records, as the spontaneous and interactive atmosphere of a live performance cannot be fixed on tape. But the live double album by Chae Su-jeong (채수정, … Continue reading

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Professional But Precarious: A Talk by CedarBough Saeji on Mask Dance Drama, Preservation Associations, and Their Survival Strategies (at pink factory)

This year’s international artist residency program at pink factory (분홍공장) went public with the first in a series of talks on “tradition in motion” (움직이는 전통). CedarBough Saeji, scholar of Korean performing arts and the preservation of cultural heritage, as … Continue reading

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