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The Golden Dragon

Five actors dressed in white, stirring their spoons in bowls made of stainless steel—from time to time this piece reminded me of the crazy cooks of Nanta, the notorious “non-verbal” performance I saw when I first visited Korea back in 2006. … Continue reading

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Mother Courage and Her Scholars, part2

I had bought two second hand books on Brecht a while ago. Rhie Won-Yang’s Studies on Brecht (1984), discussed last time, is a mass-produced paperback (as far as academic literature is mass-produced), designed for students all around the country, and … Continue reading

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Mother Courage and Her Scholars: A Chronicle from the Cold War

When passing a second hand bookshop in Hongdae, I could not resist. The owner told me that books on theatre were scarce, still I made a bargain: For the price of a large blueberry yoghurt flatccino I got two volumes … Continue reading

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