Chuseok-Interview on Pansori now available as Podcast (and others)

Last Chuseok, I had a nice talk about pansori with Walter A. Foreman of “Inside Out”, a weekly interview show on eFM, the English station of tbs (Traffic Broadcasting System, 교통방송국). My interview was broadcast the next Saturday and is now available as a podcast on iTunes (episode 103).

Walter has talked to a wide variety of people from all kinds fields. Friends of gugak and the arts might find the following interviews interesting (I give the episode number so you can find them in the list):

  • Shin Young-hee (신영희), pansori singer and, in early 2013 when she gave the interview, recently appointed “living cultural treasure” (episode 33)
  • Hendrijke Lange (헨드리케 랑에) and Jocelyn Clark (조세린), musicians, scholars, teachers, gugak professionals, with whom I had the honor to share a stage in Jeonju last year (episode 52)
  • Brother Anthony of Taize (aka 안선재), emeritus professor at Sogang University, translator, head of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch and so much more (episode 74)
  • George Takei, no introduction needed (episode 89)
  • Hong Sin Cha (홍신자), avant-garde dancer and choreograph (episode 102)
  • Charles Montgomery, literature professor at Dongguk University and blogger at (episode 108)

If you’re curious: I found two other podcasts with the keyword “pansori”! First, a (German) review of the documentary Pansori: Der Weg zum Klang (“The Way to the Sound”, 2004) directed by Seunyoung Cho at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Back in 2006, the podcast “Podestrian” talks about the movie in a multi-part report from the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2006, where an excerpt of the film was screened. The whole movie is available online.

The second is “Scopes Monkey Choir”, a podcast on the science of music, by two professionals musicians who happen to be amateur scientists. In the [39th episode][podcast] from 2011, which is about “vocal abuse”, the hosts also talk about pansori (beginning at around 22:00, iTunes-link). If you want to read more about this matter from the perspective of a voice trainer, I can recommend Tara McAllister-Viel’s “Cross-Cultural Examination of Breath and Sound Production in Pansori” (in Voice and Speech Review 2.1 (2001), pp. 297–311).

– 6 Sept. 2014 (土)


About Jan Creutzenberg

Jan Creutzenberg, friend of theatre, music, and cinema, comments on his performative experiences in Seoul and elsewhere.
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