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창작판소리와 서사극 사이에: 이자람의 ’사천가’에 대한 연구

창작판소리와 서사극 사이에: 이자람의 ’사천가’에 대한 연구

I’m having a late-night practice session for an upcoming presentation on pansori. This Friday, I will talk at the “General Conference of Research Associations Related to German Language and Literature” (2013년도 한국 독어독문학 관련 학회 연합학술대회, held at Korean National University of Education Koreanische Gesellschaft für Germanistik in Chungcheongbuk-do. I’m pretty excited, because this is my debut with an academic presentation in Korean…

The title of my presentation is “창작판소리와 서사극 사이에: 이자람의 ’사천가’에 대한 연구” (Between Newly-Created Pansori and Epic Theatre: Research on Lee Jaram’s ‘Sacheon-ga’). Sacheon-ga (사천가 / 四川歌) is a fabulous pansori-style adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s Good Person of Szechwan. I am very happy that Professor Ahn Mun-Young (안문영 교수) of Chungnam National University (충남대학교), a specialist and active practitioner of pansori, has agreed to be my discussant. I am looking forward to interesting discussions about pansori, Brecht (he’s the connection to German literature, of course), and the crossways of traditional/political theatre.

You can hear the introduction of my talk, as rehearsed tonight:

– 17 Apr. 2013 (水)


About Jan Creutzenberg

Jan Creutzenberg, friend of theatre, music, and cinema, comments on his performative experiences in Seoul and elsewhere.
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  1. Godspeed, Jan. I did a speech the other day on 한국의 정당 제도화. Fun times.

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