Talking about Pansori in Berlin

If you have no plans this Saturday and are interested in what I am up to these days, why not take a coffee trip to the Korea Verband e.V. ? Together with music curator and translator Matthias R. Entreß, I will present some thoughts on “Communal Experiences in Pansori Performances” (which, more or less, could also be the title of the dissertation I plan to write) and discuss how different locations, stagings, audiences etc. influence the way we experience performances of pansori, this wonderful music/theatre/storytelling art.

The event is the 29th session in an ongoing series of “madang” (lectures and discussions on Korean politics, culture, and art) and takes place on Saturday, November 19th, at three p.m. at Rostocker Straße 33, 10553 Berlin (closest S-Bahn station: Beusselstraße). At first, I’ll present an introduction into the subject matters for about 20 minutes (including various video and sound bites). Then Matthias Entreß will share some of his experiences—he has organised various concerts of pansori and other forms of Korean music in Europe, and also translated the better part of the canonical repertory into German (see his homepage)—, leading into the discussion. You find more information about the event, including a summary of my main theses, on the Korea Verband’s website (in German).

Everyone interested in invited—would be glad to see you there!




About Jan Creutzenberg

Jan Creutzenberg, friend of theatre, music, and cinema, comments on his performative experiences in Seoul and elsewhere.
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