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Sound of (12 and more) Strings: In Memoriam Hwang Byungki

Hwang Byungki (황병기), eminent master of the Korean traditional zither gayageum, passed away on January 31, 2018 (via Yonhap). His influence on traditional Korean music in general, its promotion in the world, education and composition, North-South Korean relations is legion. … Continue reading

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A Madang of Noodle Soup and New Performance Spaces

Perfect timing: The kimchi-tteok-ramyeon were just boiling as the new (the 978th!) episode of Gugak Han Madang (국악한마당) started at 12.10 pm. Founded in 1986, this KBS series is the oldest and most prominent weekly TV show on traditional Korean … Continue reading

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Morning Calm or Dynamic Korea? A Lecture on Korean Music at the RASKB

Today, Sheen Dae-Cheol (신대철), Professor of Music at the Academy of Korean Studies (한국학중앙연구원), gave a lecture on traditional Korean music at the Royal Asian Society Korean Branch (RASKB). (The lecture has been made available on youtube.) I haven’t been … Continue reading

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Limits of Control

Thanks to a friend who provided free tickets, I spontaneously attended an interesting concert, just around the corner, at the Mapo Art Center (마포아트센터). Only when arriving, I found out that this was the 20th anniversary of 다스름, a chamber ensemble of twelve … Continue reading

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