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German-Language College Drama: Ewha Students Play “Corpus Delicti” by Juli Zeh

This week, students of Ewha Womans University – most (but not all) of them German majors – are going to premiere the play Corpus Delicti by Juli Zeh in Korea. It is the 13th production of ensemble “Auf die Bretter”, … Continue reading

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Upcoming Pansori and Changgeuk at the National Theater: The National Repertory Season 2017–18

The National Theater of Korea just presented its upcoming “National Repertory Season 2017–18” (국립극장 레퍼토리시즌). Every year, during the summer break, fans of gugak, pansori, and changgeuk are looking forward which new pieces will be shown, which earlier productions will … Continue reading

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Symposium on “Pansori in Europe” in Berlin, inc. Performance (July 14–15, 2017) #europansori

Planned since last summer, the symposium on “Pansori in Europe: Between Mediation and Appropriation” at the Korean Culture Center in Berlin is now merely a week away. (Almost) Everything is set, speakers are preparing, and the pansori singer Yun Jin-chul … Continue reading

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Celebrating Shakespeare, on Stage and on Air

Last week, I had a short interview with Radio Bremen, on the occasion of Shakespeare’s 400th day of death. Via Skype, I chatted with host Katrin Krämer about problems of translation, creative adaptations, and the general importance of Will and … Continue reading

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Monkey Business, or: Red Peter’s Return

The most impressive piece of realist theatre I’ve ever attended took place in a small Berlin basement-theatre. It was just me, three or four other spectators, and an ape literally hitting the roof. The piece was a mono-dramatic adaptation of … Continue reading

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Three Times Simcheong (in Full)

It’s the season for full-length or “wanchang” (완창) performances of pansori! I missed an eight-hour feature of Chunhyang-ga in the Dongcho-je-style by Jeong Sang-hui (정상희, 동초제 춘향가) in late February, but after seeing Bak Hyeon-jeong’s Simcheong-ga, likewise Dongcho-je (박현정, 동초제 … Continue reading

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Live from Jeonju: Sori Festival Video Stream

Whoever is unable to visit the Jeonju International Sori Festival (전주세계소리축제) this year (like me) has the chance to see at least some of the performances via video stream. The large stage in front of the Sori Arts Center (한국소리문화의전당 … Continue reading

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