Seopyeonje Musical

Musical Seopyeonje, via Interpark

After its premiere in 2010, the musical version of the famous movie Seopyeonje (서편제, directed by Im Kwon-taek, 1993) is now back on stage. I couldn’t see it back then, so I was happy to take a look this time.

I plan to write a more in-depth review, as well as a reconsideration of the movie this musical is based upon later this month. So far, I can say this much: It is a musical about pansori rather than a pansori-musical, i.e. a new form of musical theatre using pansori-singing as a major means of expression. This was a bit surprising to me, as one of the people involved in the production is Lee Jaram (이자람), one of the most creative pansori-people of this era.

Anyway, Musical Seopyeonje is certainly worth seeing if you are into musicals. It is on show until the end of April at the Universal Art Center, right next to Children’s Grand Park (어린이대공원) in Eastern Seoul.

See the official homepage as well as the blog for more information. This short trailer will give you a first impression of the show:

(Official trailer of the 2012 version, via

— March and April 2012

  • <뮤지컬 서편제>, 작곡: 윤일상, 극본: 조광화, 연출: 이지나, 제작: 오넬컴퍼니, 신영이엔씨, 공연기간: 2012년 3월 2일 ~ 2012년 4월 22일, 공연장소: 유니버설 아트센터, 공연시간: 평일 오후 8시, 토요일 오후 3시, 7시, 일요일 오후 2시, 6시, 관람료: VIP석 9만원/ R석 7만원/ S석 5만원/ A석 3만원, 문의: 02.1666.8662.
  • Musical Seopyeonje, composer: Yun Il-sang, dramatisation: Jo Gwang-hwa, director: Lee Ji-na, production: O’Nel Company, SY E&C, on show from March 2nd until April 22nd, 2012 at Universal Art Center, weekdays at 20:00, Saturdays at 15:00 and 19:00, Sundays at 14:00 and 18:00, tickets at 90,000, 70,000 and 50,000 and 30,000 Won, inquiries: 02.1666.8662.


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