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Monkey Business, or: Red Peter’s Return

The most impressive piece of realist theatre I’ve ever attended took place in a small Berlin basement-theatre. It was just me, three or four other spectators, and an ape literally hitting the roof. The piece was a mono-dramatic adaptation of … Continue reading

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Translated Theatre

The history of Korean theatre is also the history of the importation, translation, and adaptation of Western theatre. In fact, the twists and turns in the process of reception that set in roughly a hundred years ago illuminate not only … Continue reading

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Two Ways of Sitting Through a Performance, Part 2 (of 2)

Two days later. Sitting in the dark. I am in the Arko Arts Theater, whose Main Hall (대극장, lit. “big stage”) is a typical proscenium stage. Today’s show is “Simpan” (심판/審判) a production of Kafka’s “Trial” by the Experimental Theatre … Continue reading

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