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Upcoming Pansori and Changgeuk at the National Theater: The National Repertory Season 2017–18

The National Theater of Korea just presented its upcoming “National Repertory Season 2017–18” (국립극장 레퍼토리시즌). Every year, during the summer break, fans of gugak, pansori, and changgeuk are looking forward which new pieces will be shown, which earlier productions will … Continue reading

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Discussing New Pansori, Theatre, and Tradition in Berlin (Korea-Madang)

There was no empty chair at PGBerlin. I hadn’t expected that so many people – more than twenty – were interested in talking about “New Pansori Works from Korea”. Korea Verband (한독협회) had done great promotion and I got more … Continue reading

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Daehangno Poster Session 3

I went to Daehangno in a long while. Rushing out of the subway, I took the occasion to make some pictures of current theatre posters that caught my eye. Here is my top-5, with official English titles in italics and, … Continue reading

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Talking about Brecht and Pansori at Seoul Women’s University

I was pretty tired after work that day, but my spirits were high as I went over to Seoul Women’s University (서울여자대학교). I was invited to talk on pansori and Brecht there, more specifically on Lee Jaram’s “pansori-Brecht”-piece Sacheon-ga (사천가 / 四川歌), an adaptation of Brecht’s Good … Continue reading

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Catching the Wave at Arirang

Last week, I had an interview with Adrien Lee, host of the Arirang Radio program “Catch the Wave”. We had a good time chatting about pansori, gugak and life in Korea. In-between, Adrien played some fusion gugak songs, a bit … Continue reading

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Seopyeonje Musical

After its premiere in 2010, the musical version of the famous movie Seopyeonje (서편제, directed by Im Kwon-taek, 1993) is now back on stage. I couldn’t see it back then, so I was happy to take a look this time. … Continue reading

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Modern Pansori à la Française

After my weekly translation class at the Korean Literature Translation Institute (KLTI, 한국문확번역원), I browsed a bit through the library while waiting for a friend. I was struck when stumbling on a recent release: Le dit de Sichuan, the French translation … Continue reading

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