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Talking about Brecht and Pansori at Seoul Women’s University

I was pretty tired after work that day, but my spirits were high as I went over to Seoul Women’s University (서울여자대학교). I was invited to talk on pansori and Brecht there, more specifically on Lee Jaram’s “pansori-Brecht”-piece Sacheon-ga (사천가 / 四川歌), an adaptation of Brecht’s Good … Continue reading

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Talking to Myself

I’m having a late-night practice session for an upcoming presentation on pansori. This Friday, I will talk at the “General Conference of Research Associations Related to German Language and Literature” (2013년도 한국 독어독문학 관련 학회 연합학술대회, held at Korean National … Continue reading

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Modern Pansori à la Française

After my weekly translation class at the Korean Literature Translation Institute (KLTI, 한국문확번역원), I browsed a bit through the library while waiting for a friend. I was struck when stumbling on a recent release: Le dit de Sichuan, the French translation … Continue reading

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Ticket Troubles, cont.

The next time I find myself in front of a box office that has sold out written all over it, I will go straight to the next bank and get myself a Korean account—whether that involves a fake identity or … Continue reading

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