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What is the Difference between a Catholic Wedding and a Full-Length Pansori Performance?

Today I went to a wedding ceremony and to a wanchang (완창, full-length) performance of pansori. It had been a while, in both cases. I have never been religious, but I’ve attended church services as a child, both catholic and … Continue reading

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Meeting a Master

Thanks to the “Korea-NRW-Transfer” project, I got to know German artist Juergen Staack earlier this year. Juergen studied photography, but most of his current works involve sound, speech, language in one way or another. For example, in his work Fuge … Continue reading

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New Season at the National Theater

I just received next season’s program of the National Theater of Korea (국립극장). Browsing the booklet called “국립레퍼토리시즌 2012-2013” (National Repertory Season, see it online here), I really got excited, seeing that there will be quite a number of interesting … Continue reading

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Branding the Filial Daughter

It seems quite fitting to watch Cheong (청 / 淸) on parents day (어버이날, 8th of May). After all, Sim Cheong (심청), the heroine of this piece of musical theatre, is the personification of filial piety (효 / 孝)—a girl … Continue reading

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