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Back Home: Seoul Stages Just Turned Five Years

It’s been exactly five years since I started this blog,*** right after arriving in Seoul for a year of intensive Korean classes at Sogang University. My first post is, when I read it today, a rather obscure text on memories, … Continue reading

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Memorial Day: Accumer Riege Revisited

This is a 2010 remake of an earlier short documentary I shot when visiting my grandparents back in 2006. Fours years later, nothing seems to have changed much, at first look. In fact, my grandmother had passed away and my grandfather, … Continue reading

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Accumer Riege

Accumer Riege: 1. Part of district road No. 210 (K210), a rural lane in Northern East Frisia that runs parallel to the coastline and connects the township of Dornum towards Esens, through the small village Westeraccum (“Western Accum”) which gives the street … Continue reading

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One of the Family

Yesterday, after arriving early in Seoul, I had the whole day ahead of me. The shuttle bus I had taken at the airport dropped me off in Sinchon (not to be confused with Sincheon, a different district located on the … Continue reading

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