Experiments by Šilhom on Board the MS Stubnitz


MS Stubnitz, in the Southern part of Hamburg’s HafenCity

Hamburg: Sun in the morning, a walk through the Botanical Garden (including the greenhouses), a short visit at the Asien-Afrika-Institut, then rain, too much to leave the umbrella at home, not enough to keep us from walking to the HafenCity, past the Busan Bridge, to the MS Stubnitz.


This ship, formerly part of the East German high seas fishing fleet, travelled between different cities on the short of the Baltic and the North Sea, serving as a venue for concerts and theatre, and has been in Hamburg harbour for a while now (see Wikipedia for details). Tonight, the band Šilhom from Slovenia played for a selected few in the hull of the Stubnitz.


Inside the ship’s hull, waiting for the band

When I saw the various drums and lutes waiting on stage, I expected some kind of Balkan-beat world music – so much for the “chains of belonging”, unbearable lightness of being and so on… The stage suggested some kind of metal, by its mere materiality.


But to my surprise, the three band members produced a repetitive, sometimes entrancing sound, in the tradition of minimalist composers like Steve Reich, with various looping patterns intermingling with each other, overlapping, transforming, producing new lines of melody and rhythm. A wonderful show on a rainy day. Check out their music, if possible live, if not online:

(More on Facebook and Bandcamp, information on Wikipedia).

— 24 July 2017 (月)


About Jan Creutzenberg

Jan Creutzenberg, friend of theatre, music, and cinema, comments on his performative experiences in Seoul and elsewhere.
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