Daehangno Poster Session 6

After lunch at 이모네 and before seeing the interesting production of Brecht’s Badener Lehrstück vom Einverständnis by Hyoungjin Im (임형진) and his ensemble “Theaterraum” (테아터라움 철학하는 몸), once again some more posters caught my eye…

In descending order:

5. Hamlet – the Play (햄릿 – 더 플레이)

Maybe in 2016 producing another Hamlet (although this time not – so much – after Shakespeare, it seems) does not merit a prize for creativity, but this poster does (still on show at Chungmu Arts Center until Oct. 16, tickets via Interpark).


4. Nude King (누드왕)

This play (an adaptation of Hans-Christian Andersen?) receives an award for its stark iconography. (Unfortunately, the curtain fell on Aug. 7)


3. Avant-garde Sinpa-geuk (아방가르드 신파극)

A production for theatre scholars? Sinpa (신파) is a localized form of Japanese shimpa, modernized kabuki, that had its heydays in the early 20th century. It might even have been considered avant-garde until naturalist drama (singeuk, “new drama”) based on European models received that label. So “avant-garde sinpa-geuk” is an oxymoron? Or maybe not? (Sept. 7–11 at Namsan Drama Center)


2. Archive Platform 2016 by the National Contemporary Dance Company (국립현대무용단 아카이브 플랫폼 2016)

Besides the nice “material-design”, this showcase of three young choreographers is awarded second prize for including pink factory-participant Hye-jin Shin (신혜진) and her piece “Skirt-ology” (스커트-올로지) – looking forward!


1. The Baden-Baden Lesson on Consent – Why are You so Tired? (Das Badener Lehrstück vom Einverständnis – Warum bist du so müde? 동의에 관한 바덴의 학습극 – 무엇이 당신을 소진시키는가)

Of course – a little big performance of an early piece by Brecht, when he was still more interested in the politics of acting than staging a spectacular (epic) piece of theatre. Same here!


– 21 Aug. 2016 (日)


About Jan Creutzenberg

Jan Creutzenberg, friend of theatre, music, and cinema, comments on his performative experiences in Seoul and elsewhere.
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