The Second Insa-dong Street Soripan (인사동 거리소리판2)

It seemed as if even more people than last time listened to the second Street Soripan in Insa-dong! The program was diverse as usual, with regulars Park Tae-o (박태요) and Jo Sang-min (조상민) providing pansori songs, drum beats, and some solo daegeum in-between. Today’s guest was a pansori singer from Suwon, No Eun-ju (노은주), who performed an episode from Chunhyang-ga (춘향가), including the famous “Love Song” (사랑가). The owner of the basement cafe Sigayeon (시가연 / 詩哥演 / meaning “poetry-song-performance”) brought a stand-up banner and a microphone-soundsystem and later read a poem.

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The pansori singers, however, did not need the mic. As Park noted, it is more important to be directly in touch with the audience than singing as loud as possible. There were some great chuimsae-callers, too, sitting on the side and providing support for the performers. The atmosphere was great, once again, and someone had even donated a 50,000 won-bill, which Park picked up and used as a pretext to sing the “Money Song” (돈타령) from Heungbo-ga (흥보가). This time, I could join the Ttorang Gwangdae for a cup of makkeolli, but I managed to shoot a short video with my mobile, which might give an idea of the atmosphere that afternoon in Insa-dong.

— 10 Apr. 2016 (日)

  • 인사동 거리소리판, 출연: 박태오 (소리, 북), 조상민 (대금, 북), 이봄비 (시), 노은주 (소리), 인사동길, 2016-04-10 (일), 오후 3–4시.
  • Insa-dong Street Soripan, with Bak Tae-o (sori, drum), Jo Sang-min (daegeum, drum), Yi Bom-bi (poetry), No Eun-ju (sori), Insadong-gil, 2016-04-10 (Sun.), 3–4 pm.

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Jan Creutzenberg, friend of theatre, music, and cinema, comments on his performative experiences in Seoul and elsewhere.
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