The World at our Door: The New Art Space Hapjungjigu

Just at the end of winter break, a new art space opened around the corner. I had seen the remodelling of a former café into the gallery Hapjungjigu (합정지구, directions and pictures on the Facebook-page) for some weeks and got to know some of the people involved.

Art Space Hapjungjigu (합정지구)The opening exhibition, simply called “Jigu Exhibition” (지구展, 2015.2.27 ~ 3.20), featured paintings and photographies by eight young artists (Lim Jin-Se, Kang Dong-Hyeong, Leesop, Lee Hai Min Sun, Hong Cheolki, Deok-Hyeon Jeong, Lee Ji-Young, Sim Heung-A / 임진세, 강동형, 이솝, 이해민선, 홍철기, 정덕현, 이지영, 심홍아). One show per month is planned, so the pictures are being taken down right now for the next one.

This picture is of a painting by Lim Jin-Se (임진세), whose solo show is upcoming soon.

임진세: 폭풍드라이브, (Lim Jin-Se: "Rainy Storm Drive"), oil on canvas, 162x130 cm, 2013

임진세: 폭풍드라이브, (Lim Jin-Se: “Rainy Storm Drive”), oil on canvas, 162×130 cm, 2013

When around, have a look at some interesting art! Also, the Café Adventure Story (카페 어드벤처스토리, also on Facebook) across the alleyway is highly recommendable, with nice cup-patbingsu and occasional live music.

– 21 March 2015 (土)

  • Art Space Hapjungjigu: 서울시 마포구 서교동 444–9번지, 010–5314–4874, 12:00pm – 7:00pm.
  • Café Adventure Story: 서울시 마포구 동교로 12길 36 101호, 070–7516–2271,

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