Live from Jeonju: Sori Festival Video Stream

Whoever is unable to visit the Jeonju International Sori Festival (전주세계소리축제) this year (like me) has the chance to see at least some of the performances via video stream. The large stage in front of the Sori Arts Center (한국소리문화의전당 놀이마당) and another large stage in the Hanok Village (한옥마을 경기전) can be seen at

dance stage

Although there was not much going on yet today at 5 pm (as you can see), this should change after the festival opens tonight! And, of course, when master singer Wang Gi-seok (왕기석) takes the stage tomorrow, Thursday, at 7 pm.

Oh! Now, half an hour later, there seems to be some pansori going on!

pansori singer mid



pansori singer closeFor the line-up, see the official homepage of the Sori Festival (also available in English, Chinese, Japanese). It sounds promising! Some coverage of the performances is also to be expected on the official blog (in Korean).

— 8~12 Oct. 2014 (水~日)


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Jan Creutzenberg, friend of theatre, music, and cinema, comments on his performative experiences in Seoul and elsewhere.
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