Daehangno Poster Session 1

Every time I go to Daehangno, having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I wander through the small alleyways. I usually to lost somewhere between Arko Arts Center and Marronnier Park. Passing the myriads of theatre posters, my virtual schedule fills up with interesting performances to attend.

연극은 시대의 정신적 희망이다. ("Theatre is the spiritual hope of its time.")

“Theatre is the spiritual hope of its time.”

Some of these posters are beautiful, some rather conventional, and some breathtaking. From now on, whenever I happen to be in Daehangno, I try to take some pictures of those that catch my eye. Consider this either a list of upcoming performances (the images are linked) or the first gallery-style post on this blog — whatever works.

So here we go. Why did I chose those posters?

1. Because it’s from Berlin

Die Gelbe Tapete (노란 벽지)

Die Gelbe Tapete (노란 벽지), adapted from Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Schaubühne Berlin, now shown at the Seoul Performing Arts Festival (서울국제공연예술제)


2. For the drawing, and because of 강량원 who also directed I am My Own Wife

토명인간 (Invisible Person)

토명인간 (Invisible Person), adapted from a novel by 송홍규, adapted and directed by 강량원, Namsan Arts Center (남산예술센터)

3. Because we’re neighbours, me and the brothers (and I like Waikiki Brothers and the pool)

망원동 브라더스 (Mangwon-dong Brothers)

망원동 브라더스 (Mangwon-dong Brothers), adapted from a novel by 김호연, adapted by 이서환, directed by 홍현우 @ 대학로 예술마당 2관

4. “Tradition, youth, romanticism”! – also: free & outside, what more do I want?

돌담길 프로젝트 (Stonewall Walkway [next to Deoksu Palace] Project

돌담길 프로젝트 (Stonewall Walkway [next to Deoksu Palace] Project, “In Search for a Contemporary Identity of Tradition”), Chongdong Theater (정동극장)

5. Because it’s Han Tae-suk (한태숙) and I missed her dramatisation of Dante’s Divine Comedy last year

단테의 신곡 (Dante's Divine Comedy)

단테의 신곡 (Dante’s Divine Comedy), adapted by 고연옥, directed by 한태숙, National Theater (국립극장)

— 17 Sept. 2014 (水)





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Jan Creutzenberg, friend of theatre, music, and cinema, comments on his performative experiences in Seoul and elsewhere.
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