Happy Birthday, Moon!

It seems like yesterday but is has been already two years since Alternative Space “Moon” (대안공간 ‘문’) opened its doors in Mullae-dong. Run by friends of mine, Moon offers concerts by all kinds of independent bands twice a month. There’s a stage, lighting and a little shop across the street to get drinks—all you need for a Saturday night out in Mullae (see Moon’s Facebook page for up-to-date news).

We didn’t have the time to go as often as we wanted to recently. But we couldn’t miss the birthday party. Armed with a rice-cream-cake, we arrived a bit late, but just in time for the last songs of “Same old Story”, an indie-band that makes melodic metalcore and screamo—fast and loud…

Same Old Story

Same Old Story

After a short break, “Mixed Blood” (hardcore punk rock) entered the stage. I missed most of their songs. As I returned downstairs, they were just ending their set with a birthday song. Then the birthday cake was cut.

The concert ended on a high note with “a supergroup comprised of members from a surprising variety of genres, including folk” (Gwangju News). With a blasting saxophone section and two great singers, “Soultrain” swept us away and made me dance after what seems like a whole decade of akinesia.

Soul Train

Soul Train

Personally, I think that this 대안공간 should chance it’s name: 대단공간 ‘문’. A loud “geonbae!” on the years to come.


– 17 Aug. 2013 (土)


About Jan Creutzenberg

Jan Creutzenberg, friend of theatre, music, and cinema, comments on his performative experiences in Seoul and elsewhere.
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