Sunrise Summit Snapshots

P1070366A unique Jeff Wall-moment. Or possibly a scene from Yeondoo Jung’s video work Documentary Nostalgia (정연두, “다큐멘타리 노스탈지아”, see a few excerpts)? No, just an early morning impression at the top of Mt. Geumsan (금산) on the island of Namhae (남해).

Yeondoo Jung, “Documentary Nostalgia”, HD Video, 84 Min., 2008

After a short night stay at a mountain cabin near Boriam Hermitage (보리암), a small Buddhist temple, we went up to the summit. A group of five or six had already arrived to greet the rising sun. (There is also a clip of a sunrise from this peculiar spot on youtube.)

2013-07-19 05.38.12

I was reminded of a passage from my Korean language class at Sogang University: A sea of clouds, the red sun ascending. A lot of pictures were taken. A great panoramic view on the Southern Sea.


We later had breakfast at Boriam and hiked down the mountain towards the sea. There we got our legs burned red. In the afternoon we finally arrived at the German Village (독일마을), the final destination of this work trip. But that’s another story…

– 19 July 2013 (金)


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Jan Creutzenberg, friend of theatre, music, and cinema, comments on his performative experiences in Seoul and elsewhere.
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