Behind the Gaze: General Rehearsal for THE 50

young tenor

A young tenor, bewitched by two different women

One day before the premiere of the opera The 50: After more than three weeks of rehearsal, everything is set at the Grand Hall of Bupyeong Art Center. The stage art has been erected, extra dancers have been trained to join the choir in their choreography, costumes have been tailored, the ensemble is warming up their instruments, the video projection is in place and the lighting ready for action.

In front of the stage, a thin gaze has been installed, to serve as a screen for the projections. Those include intertitles, graphic animations, light effects, and, at some points, live footage of the singers in close-up. This creates an interesting overlap of distance and closeness, as the singers are often placed way in the back of the stage. This way, space becomes a part of the story, too.

far away, so close

Far away, so close: Two young lovers in search of their match

final scene

The final scene: Up the chairs!

The musicians (members of the Ensemble TIMF, about 30 in total) are sitting inside the stage design. The small room is connected via CCTV to various monitors on stage, so that the singers can see the conductor.

on stage

On stage, while the dancers practice their choreography

young couple

Finally reunited? Wait until your fifty!

And of course the curtain call needs to be rehearsed…

curtain call

The curtain is calling…

Tomorrow, there are still some rehearsals. A few lightning problems need to be fixed, too. But everything looks promising and I am looking forward to sit back in my chair and enjoy the show.

— 21 Feb. 2013 (木)


A group picture of the full cast, including the orchestra









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