Tiger and more by Taroo

I just returned from a wonderful afternoon in Bukchon: The ensemble Taroo, a gugak musical collective (국악뮤지컬집단 타루), had invited everyone to a open-air performance of pansori, right in the yard of a renovated hanok (한옥, “[traditional] Korean house”). The place that had sponsored the performance offers homestays and is called 가회한옥체험관 (more information, see some impressions at this blog). I had read about the event on Facebook a few days ago and naturally had to go: Three singers presented parts from three traditional pansori songs (수궁가, 춘향가, and 흥보가), about one hour each, and cold tea and rice cake was served as a snack.

I had seen another, completely different performance by Taroo about a month ago: <판소리, 레인부츠를 신다> (“Pansori, Putting on Rainboots”), an omnibus of four multimedial experiments with pansori—likewise a great show and definitely dissertation material… I might post more detailed reviews later.

Anyway, beginning May 9th, another production by Taroo will on show at the Seoul Arts Center: <하얀 눈썹 호랑이> is a kind of pansori-theatre, featuring five singers who perform a well-known folk tale about the eponimous “Tiger with the White Eyebrows”. After its premiere in last November (some impressions and an article), this play aimed at school children is back on stage. I will certainly go check it out! (tickets are 40% off if you order until April 30th, on Interpark)

— 28 April 2012 (土)

  • 국악뮤지컬집단 타루, <하얀 눈썹 호랑이>, 극본, 연출: 김미정, 출연: 송보라, 조엘라, 이성희, 서어진, 윤지선, 연주: 성민우, 이유경, 서지선, 백하형기, 공연기간: 2012년 5월 9일 ~ 2012년 5월 13일, 공연장소: 예술의전당 자유소극장, 공연시간: 수, 목, 금요일 오후 4시, 토, 일요일 오후 1시, 4시, 관람료: 일반석 30,000원, 2,3층 자유석 20,000원, 문희: 02.6481.1213.
  • Gugak Musical Collective Taroo, The Tiger with the White Eyebrows, written and directed by Kim Mi-jeong, performers: Song Bora, Jo Ella, Lee Seong-hui, Seo Eo-jin, Yun Ji-seon, musicians: Seong Min-u, Lee Yu-gyeong, Seo Ji-seon, Baek Hahyeonggi, on show from May 9th until May 13th, 2012 at Seoul Arts Center, Jayu Theater, weekdays at 4 p.m., Saturday and Sunday at 1 and 4 p.m., tickets at 30,000 Won (regular) and 20,000 Won (upper floors), inquiries: 02.6481.1213.

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Jan Creutzenberg, friend of theatre, music, and cinema, comments on his performative experiences in Seoul and elsewhere.
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