Three Colors Round (part 3/3)

During the last weeks, I translated two short reviews by LEE Gyeong-won (이경원) on guest performances of the classical ballet Giselle in Korea (see the posts about the  “unconventional” French production and the “orthodox” approach from Russia). This short series concludes with a domestic choreography, the “cinematic interpretation” [영화적 해석] by the “Lee Won Kook Ballet Company” (이원국 발레단). Compared with the other two parts, this one is even less descriptive, let alone critical, and consists of even more name-dropping… Don’t blame it on the translator! (Rather, see a more detailed review at Arts News or watch some video clips)

"Giselle" by the Lee Won Kook Company (via 노원예술회관)

Beginning with KANG Sue-jin (강수진, currently member of the Stuttgart Ballet), Korea is a country were from day to day more dancers become involved in ballet companies. News that Korean dancers win prizes in the world’s most prestigious competitions are not unusual. Boldly, the “Lee Won Kook Ballet Company”, too, has chosen Giselle.  The ensemble is led by ballerino LEE Won Kook (이원국) who has become even more famous through his appearances in TV commercials.




"Giselle", Lee Won Kook Company (via 아츠뉴스)


It is a Giselle rooted in historicity. Based on the existing Mariinsky-version,  the ballet has been transformed, ‘Lee Won Kook-style’, in a way that—like watching a movie—makes it easier to understand. JANG Un-gyu (장운규), former head-dancer of the Korean National Ballet (국립발레단), is appears on stage, from Nov. 5 to 7. On the 5th, Jang and National Ballet regular JEON Hyo-jeong (전효정) will continue their long-time collaboration; on the 6th he will dance with CHOI Ye-won (최예원).

On the 7th, KIM Ki-min (김기민), winner of the 1st price in the junior class at the International Ballet Competition Varna (the oldest ballet competition in the world) this July, as well as HAN Seo-hae (한서혜) ‘leading part’-member of the Korean “Universal Ballet Company” (유니버설 발레단), will both decorate the stage as special guests.

"Giselle" by the Lee Won Kook Company (via 노원예술회관)

The performances took place at the Nowon Arts Hall (노원문화예술회관 대공연장) in Junggye-dong, Seoul. Prices ranged from 20 to 30’000 won.

— 22 Oct. 2010 (金)


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Jan Creutzenberg, friend of theatre, music, and cinema, comments on his performative experiences in Seoul and elsewhere.
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